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  • IFTTT Network *

  • Brand ID Mirror Page **

Includes 6 blog posts & 6 YouTube videos published to start off Stack Network Syndication.

*IFTTT Overview

IFTTT Network syndicates blog posts from a main site and/or videos from a YouTube channel to a selection of high authority sites; interconnected bookmarking sites, social media platforms, and blogging assets. Each syndicated post links back to the main site.

Google loves this for a couple of reasons.

1. High authority backlinks
2. It assumes that if your content is being shared on quality sites it must be good quality content
3. Syndication to approx 20 sites will also drive natural traffic to main site
4. It's a clear and strong signal that you are a legitimate and successful brand

So we set up a Branded IFTTT Network for every site.

Branded means that the IFTTT Network's assets are in the name of the brand for the main site.

IFTTT is triggered by the RSS feed from the blog and from the YouTube channel. This means that every time a blog post or video is added, IFTTT picks this up and adds the blog post to the IFTTT Network.

To cover all the IFTTT Network assets we need to have an IFTTT applet setup for each asset.

Some of the assets cannot be triggered by an RSS feed so you will see that some of them are triggered by a post to another asset. e.g. RSS feed posts to Tumblr and then new post on Tumblr triggers post to Blogger.

You will see one set of applets triggered by the main site blog post and another set of applets triggered by a new video posted to a selected YouTube channel.

Any questions on IFTTT Networks just let me know.

**Brand ID Mirror Page

The Brand ID Mirror Page helps to identify your brand online, using iframes and schema.

Similar to what a Sitemap does for a website, your Brand ID Mirror Page does for your Brand.

Without this the search bots have to crawl the web and guess which properties are part of your online brand network.

Your GMB, IFTTT Network, social properties, main site, press releases and more are embedded on this single page which is then hosted on high-authority Amazon S3 hosting.

The result is no more guesswork for Google. They now can see all your brand's online properties.
Full GG Stack (Click in box to order) Price $495.00 USD One Time Order Now
Each campaign will create c. 1 million pages.
All content, articles, images and videos included.

Each campaign will target a maximum of 5 broad main keywords and unlimited locations for local marketing.

Pages will be created and dripped indefinitely into the future. This will ensure that Google returns regularly to keep indexing the site. It will also make the site a hands-off project for you.

All pages created will have an overlay on and will redirect to wherever you choose. The overlay will show a screenshot of the target url under a partially transparent overlay with a YouTube video on the top half of the screen and an invitation to click to continue for the visitor.

On clicking the visitor will be directed to the target url. This makes it a click through as opposed to a redirect.

We advise you to use a landing page as the target url and capture the email before forwarding to wherever you wish; your main site, an affiliate offer or Amazon/ecom store.

Target urls can be rotated (Home page, inner landing pages, etc)

If you need more details just let me know.
Mass Page Marketing Price $399.00 USD One Time Order Now

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